20. Märlistadt, 2. Dez. 2020 - 3. Jan. 2021
come * see * enjoy

My dearest Märlistadt guests,


Please, follow me on a little tour through our Märlistadt, let me tell you a bit about our activities, curiosity’s and must have’s. 

It’s the time of the year that magic is real in Stein am Rhein, that the inhabitants meet each other before they go on a long deserved holiday, that families come together, that people fall in love and they come from anywhere, just to relax and enjoy everything that Märlistadt has to offer around christmas. 



For some, Märlistadt is a busy month, but most important is that Märlistadt is a month with joy and laughter. This might start at the Märlihuus with a story about Little Red Riding Hood, a warm bite from a market stand or a welcoming warm glühwein, glühgin or glühmost. 

When you walk through our magical city, you might meet those who have been working for weeks to arrange Märlistadt, a fairytail starts with hard work and to exceed everyones expectations it takes even more. From some you might even say they work with heart and soul, they are the ones creating the magic in Stein am Rhein, I owe them my biggest THANK YOU. 

The moment you walk through the “Underdoor,” daily life drops off your shoulders, a different world welcomes you, it embraces you in it’s warm, living nest. When you walk through our old town you’ll notice that, it shouts fairy tails, it says it’s a sparkling Christmas month, it accommodates big family gatherings and offers free entertainment for young and old.

If you keep your eyes open, you might even meet our own Little Red Riding hood and go with her on a tour through the city. Let her guide you, let her fill your soul with energy, light and laughter into the winter.